Production Services

Good creative defines your competitive niche—making a clear distinction between you and everyone else. Yes, it’s easier to take the safe road, but to be one of the crowd is to be lost in it. Build a relationship with your consumer by defining a position that resonates and delivers.

The smart phone has created the misperception that anyone can take a great photo. An image is not solely reliant on what’s put in front of the lens. Understanding lens compression, contrast ratios, formats, camera speeds, focal lengths, art direction, set logistics, crew management, to name a few, all play important roles in creating images that sell.

Molten Blot directors are cinematographers and editors before they are directors. In this competitive market, clients need directors who know how to tell a story, manage talent, and inspire confidence.

Our editors are experienced in all phases of post-production, from initial edit through color correction. Any good visual storyteller will tell you, get the coverage you need and make your choices in post.


We take pride in our work that reflects the unique identities of each of our clients.